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What are some secrets to network marketing?

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

I am planning to do network marketing, does anyone have any suggestions or hints or warnings? Thank you very much

I have to say YES to Blaze8 answer and would have said: the secret is that you have to OWN the network marketing company in order to profit from it.

You should rather do AFFILIATE NETWORK MARKETING instead of dealing with network marketing, as it is straight forward and you are not married with a specific company.

What you need to know is a lot of MARKETING know how first!

The key for NOT BEING SCAMMED is know ledge.

DO NOT JOIN A COMPANY. Invest in yourself first.

What makes you money is SOLID Internet Marketing Know How.

If you do not know how to promote offers on the Internet, you will fail.
The way to make money online can be done in two ways:

1.) create your own digital products and sell them and get paid for it
2.) offer your service as web designer or marketer and get paid directly
3.) market OTHER products from companies that pay you a commission

for 3.) which is in my opinion the best potential you need to do a research
on which companies you can trust, HOWEVER! – i you need the same know
how that is needed for 1.) and 2.)

You need to understand the marketing basics.

NO Product sells itself. Do not fall for stupid websites that claim
that their products sell literally "themselves". (I personally even promote
a lottery network and people love to play lotteries, but you still need to know
how to read people that are willing to PAY FOR LOTTERY TICKETS!).

OK, you need to learn the following things:

1. How people move online – what is "traffic" – how do people find websites online
and buy there?

2. How to create a website that sells – this is a know how you need either to sell
your own OR other products. It is important that you understand that it is not so
difficult to create COMPELLING websites that make people WANT TO BUY from

3. Learn psychological strategies and sales processes.


without this know how you will fail with all companies,
whether they are legitimate or not.

Do not join anything before you have solid know how.
No magical program will make you reach, only getting yourself
to the point to know what you need to do.


1.) Learn how to manage yourself first (free!)

2.) Learn the basics on marketing and Internet Know How

(those resources are not free, but solid)
be careful with a lot of "free resources", they always
still want to sell you something are are never "independent"

3.) Master the basics, then you can choose any product
or company and make money with them.

invest in yourself first and do not believe false claims of
websites that tell you unbelievable "over night" riches.

Facebook Marketing Secrets, Automation, Strategies

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Flickr – Craigslist Marketing Secrets – Terry Carter

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

How To Make Flickr pic or jpg link to your website on your Craigslist or Backpage ad.

This video shows you a neat little trick on how to make a Flickr pic on Craigslist redirect
to your website of choice.

Items needed:
1. Yahoo email account
2. Free Flickr account – thru your yahoo email
3. a Craigslist or Backpage ad
4. a JPG or similar photo/pic to upload to your Flickr account
5. a website you want to promote.

and heck, why not have a glass of water while you’re at it ;-)

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Video Marketing Secrets

Monday, August 29th, 2011

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MLM Marketing Secrets David Wood And Sandra Essex Live

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7 Critical Internet Network Marketing Secrets

Thursday, July 21st, 2011

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Marketing final about Finland?

Monday, July 18th, 2011

For my Cultural Components class, I have to take a company (Victoria’s Secret) and find new ways to sell it in another country (Finland) I need to keep in mind of the way Finland markets their ads and etc but i need some help!
Marketing strategy into the new market:
-Distribution methods
-Ad strategy
-Pricing issues (how we are going to price the products)
-Localization issues (packaging, colors, trends, etc)

Anyone who is a native or knows a lot about the area, i would appreciate some tips or websites

Finland only has a few large cities in the lower 2/3 of the country. the upper third is above the Arctic Circle, & is sparsely populated. They also have a female president, so it’s not one of those male dominated societies.

I’ve left you some sites below to research for further information. You’ll see where the standard of living is high in Finland also > which should support a V S. Finland is all about the lakes & nature, you colors would want to reflect that. I believe also the currency is the Euro, so you’re pricing would be similar to other areas of Scandinavia.

I am going to start a business, what causes success or failure?

Thursday, July 7th, 2011

What is the reason most businesses fail? I know the genral answers, such as "no research" or "no planning" but what are some real life examples?

And what causes success? What is the secret to viral marketing? There must be a common factor when it comes to successful viral marketing…

Design, appeal, marketability, advertising effectiveness.

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Can you help? Great ideas wanted for promotion and marketing of new, revolutionary and sensationally?

Monday, June 27th, 2011

successful, natural treatment & cure of 1) facial skin conditions- sensitive and damaged, spots, breakouts, scarred & most other problems and 2). Hair and scalp problems, remarkable halting of hair loss and restoring of growth, total revitalization of hair. Over 20 years + researching & developing unique, secret techniques using low cost, home developed simple products of natural, non harming, non adulterated, organic oils and vitamins and…. skin, hair and scalp cleaners and home remedy sunscreen lotions. Book? Videos? Web page? Open clinics ?????
Primarily interested in helping those who would benefit from the treatments. How best to bring this to attention of those people? if any ideas at all or if need more info. please email
Where Is a good place to get answers from?

Google is a great place to start!! But I realize that may not be enough. Time to find the industry specific info.

Because you are interested in a very specific industry you should check out which is a well known firm providing data.

A large library with a business reference desk is a great resource – most cities larger than 200,000 should have that service at the main library.