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Penny Power: How do you create relationships online where you’re just starting to court each other? So let me think about the ways that I would perhaps connect with someone that didnt already. First of all absolutely critical that you read their profile because you have to make sure when you send a message that its personal. Nobody wants to see a message that looks like its been cut and pasted in so I would look at someones profile, every profile has something interesting to say and I would say something like I really enjoyed the blog you wrote on the 24th of March about such and such a subject I would be interested to hear what happened to you after that blog went out or I see you’ve got a network of 40 people but you’ve managed to achieve 12 testimonials, Id love to learn from you because that’s a fantastic achievement or I’ve just seen a photograph on your profile of a place you went on holiday did you have a great time and how do you, what kinds of holidays do you plan to take next year, something sort of showing an interest in their profile. Pick out things that they do in their business that undoubtedly would be of interest to you. I mean most people are in business all doing similar sorts of things, I mean even if you’re a graphic designer, accountancy is going to be important to you, property development is going to be important to you. Pick out something in their profile that’s of interest to you as well and so make sure that at all times you personalise the way that you talk to someone and 100% if you show an interest in somebody they will show an interest back in you.

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