Top business advice from Penny Power, Founder of business social network Ecademy, as she reveals her thoughts on how to build an effective and engaging social networking profile. See more business news television shows featuring these experts, as they give their top expert business advice at
“Penny Power: So you’ve just joined a social network, the most important thing to do is get your profile right. Your profile is, I hate to say it, is like your brochure and if you were creating a brochure about your business you would get a graphic designer, you would get someone who really knows what to do. I’ve asked someone to help me with my profile to make it look better, so make sure that your profile is designed nicely, it navigates, its professionally produced , you don’t want to learn HTML language go away and find someone who can just knock up your profile really nicely. There’s a lot of people in the network who would like to do that for you but make sure its really professional so its not just about the words that you’ve chosen that you can write these yourself maybe but its also about the way it is designed and what image its giving about you….”

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