Anne Kennedy, Beyond Ink, interviews Chris Boggs, Rosetta, and SEMPO president, at SES Chicago 2010 on the subject of holistic SEM. Chris says when it comes to deploying content across the Internet, it is very important for a brand to consider content as including not just text but images, video, graphics, etc…Chris uses the analogy of the marines as a “forward deployed force.” If you have nodes of content that mention your brand, or your category in connection with your brand that exist elsewhere on the Internet, whether or not it includes links, the SERPs will take notice. Chris says instead of taking one piece of content and syndicating it across thousands of pages across the web, he recommends taking ten thousand unique pieces of content and syndicate them across one page each. You don’t want content to outrank your own brand. Chris also says if a community is strongly enough connected to a specific authority or subject, they may gain authority and be able to pass an additional value. Chris says he believes that ‘likes’ will never replace links in terms of authority. Chris also wants to see SEMPO as being one of the main voices of a united search marketing front.

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