I got a letter in the mail from them tried to google the company but didnt find anything.

I’ve never heard of that company but it’s VERY easy to tell a legitimate secret shopping opportunity from a scam
1 – NO secret shopping company will ever hire you for an assignment before you have filled out tax forms AND attended a training session. You can’t be a mystery shopper if you don’t even know what the company expects, how to fill out their form, what to do if you have a problem or question, if you need to send in original documentation or just scans, if you need photographic evidence, etc. Every company is different. Some companies require you to scan and fax your evaluation form and receipt along with a photograph of the front of the store within 24 hours of the shop, then mail in the original evaluation form and receipt within 4 days of the shop. Some make you fill out an online evaluation form, then scan and mail a copy of your receipt. Some will not reimburse you if you leave one box unchecked or it’s not signed and dated. But you would not know this with each company until you attend their training and they teach you all of this
2 – real mystery shopping NEVER charges you upfront fees OR sends you checks to conduct the shop. You ALWAYS spend your own money on every shop and get reimbursed 30 days after you submit your evaluation form
3 – real mystery shopping will NEVER ask you to send money to another person through Western Union or Moneygram. These are Nigerian money laundering scams that will get you arrested as this woman and thousands of other people find out every single year http://consumerist.com/2009/07/victim-of-mystery-shopper-scam-arrested-spends-night-in-jail.html
4 – real mystery shopping pays $5-8 per shop. Scammers will promise $50+ per shop