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Jeff Roberti, a success story of a direct marketing guru. Money and free time!

Monday, May 9th, 2011

Jeff Roberti, filmed and edited by john lieurance. Life style video. Siesta Key Images. Network Marketing, MLM, juice plus.

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Online Business Opportunity

Friday, April 22nd, 2011
1075 Old County Rd, Belmont, Ca 94002

Online Business Opportunity

Become a Video and Content Publisher Today! What could be better than signing up a never ending stream of offline clients each paying you an average of $600.00 beginning right now
How about doing so on your schedule and from the comfort of your own home. Weiss Publishing Group offers you the flexibility to work when you want, where you want and how often you want. How great is that?
How to deliver a simple service that is highly in demand… And the irresistible offer that will have clients lining up to hire you.
Offline consulting is 100% recession- proof. It is much easier to sell to office businesses. Offline business owners know they must spend money on marketing or their profits will dry up. They are already spending money on offline methods if you can show them how to get a better return for their advertising dollar, you’ll have a client.
Offline consulting is a ground for opportunity. Most offline businesses have no idea how to drive traffic to their website, capture options at their site follow up with prospects and customers using automation (auto responders); use their websites to connect visitors into customers. Providing internet marketing services to office businesses is a time ground for opportunity if you step in non the office business market is verbally unlimited.
The Combination of these three factors makes offline consulting a 100% recession proof opportunity.
Every type of business needs an internet presence and they need you to help them create it.
The number one way to get these offline businesses listed on the first page of Google is with Videos and Written Content … but only when we optimize them correctly and give them a little extra juice

Take advantage of these great services to get new customers
System Component #1: The irresistible Offer

We developed an approach that enable you to sign up new clients FAST… with the minimum amount time spent on prospecting. After all, you don’t get paid till you have a client.
We knew we had to create an irresistible offer… an offer that was so sweet and so risk-free that business owners would have to be out of their minds to say, “No.”
It took us a little while, and a bit of trial and error, but we finally came up with the perfect offer…
System Component #2: Finding Clients
Coming up with an irresistible offer, and finding the right prospects to approach, are two different things. In this position of the course, we reveal the exact resource we have been using to locate the ideal prospects… business owners who already understand the value of video marketing and who will be the most receptive to our offer.

• An enormous- and continually growing- source of potential clients… who already understand the value of video marketing!

You can use this resource to target prospects by location or by niche

System Component #3: Delivering results
Content writing and distribution.
We have some of the top writers in the country and we have a distribution network that get businesses articles on the first page of Google fast. Our service gets new business customers fast…they don’ t pay for any services unless they get first page Google ranking. This is our Guarantee, we will work for the client until they get on the first page of Google or they don’t pay us.
Internet Consulting for Brick and Mortar businesses is growing into a billion dollar industry, and YOU and I are getting ready to ride that wave all the way to the top. Using a proven system like the “Offline Domino Method” will help you make MORE money even FASTER

For a limited time only…we are only allowing 20 new applicants to join at his time.

Business Type:
Video Marketing
Content Distribution

Total Investment:
One-Time $249 training fee.
Refunded after first sale

Liquid Capital:
Marketing costs are the responsibility
Of the business owner

Training and Support:

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